What we do

  • Agile Web Engineering as a full service

    We transform our customers' ideas into functioning and quality applications. Our focus is set on simple, high-availability, and dynamically scalable systems supported by robust back-end technologies. We develop applications for:

    • Web sites and web services
    • Social networks
    • Mobile devices
    • Back-ends for (mass) data processing
  • Consulting

    Security, high-availability and dynamic scalability are the key characteristics of today's major Web applications. Our customers also profit from our experience and know-how in their own projects:

    • Analysis, code review, and renovation of existing web applications
    • Load tests with detailed scalability reports
    • Support to key features implementation measures
    • Evaluation of new technologies and processes
  • Managing your Web Application

    While others talk about it, we live and breathe the Cloud. We create and operate individual and vendor-independent Cloud solutions for our customers.

Our manifesto

  • Agility


    We build simple, robust solutions and react quickly and flexibly to change. We support the agile software development manifest.

    We are an agile-development software company hence rely on the practices of eXtreme programming, which is one of the most popular methods of agile software development. Extreme programming is characterized by recurrent processes in various stages of software development and management.

    In addition to pair programming and unit testing, the permanent integration of executable versions constitutes one of the key practices of eXtreme Programming. Our customers are closely involved in iteration planning and are able to rapidly implement the requirements they consider more beneficial or useful through short iteration cycles.

  • Passion


    Great things can only be created with passion and so passion drives everything we do. Passion leads to perfection and quality is the result.

    We are passionate web engineers. Using our know-how, we enjoy developing exciting new systems and thereby implement entirely new approaches and ideas. We favor simple and flexible solutions and have a soft spot for carefully crafted design.

    We constantly seek new bleeding edge technologies and are typical early adopters. We enjoy treading the unconventional path and are always ready for clearly focused experimentation. However, we never loose our relentless focus on system
    security and stability aspects, adapting to our customers' needs and interests.

  • Transparency


    We can only earn our customers trust with transparency and honesty. We are human beings who can make and admit to our mistakes.

    Trusted partnerships need to be based on transparency and honesty. While this may seem self-evident, some companies do not seem folow this approach. As human beings, we will occasionally make mistakes and that is a good thing. For mistakes present an opportunity to learn and improve, and eventually create a better product.

    In our view, real transperency means full disclosure of all project activity and related accounting. It also involes independent monitoring of applications and taking responibility for mistakes, should they arise.

  • Communication


    In our experience, open and sincere communication, as well as immediate feedback, are the cornerstones of any successful project.

    Communication and feedback are two of the four values underlying eXtreme Programming. Accordingly, they play a key role in our projects.

    Intensive, open, and sincere communication amongst all project stakeholders increases application quality and constitutes an important quality assurance mechanism.  Moreover, immediate feedback prevents runaway development and
    its associated costs.

    Personal communication is a key component for us, as it is the most effective approach to avoid misunderstandings and ambiguities. Our project management system assists us with clear and lasting documentation.

  • Cloud


    Local data and applications restrict the flexibility and creativity in our work. Consequently, the Cloud is our only operational reality.

    We move well beyond merely talking about the Cloud: we live and breath it! It is part of our manifest to constantly access Cloud services in our daily work, be it IasS, PaaS or SaaS. Local data and applications are a thorn in our side, as they seriously limit the flexibility and creativity of our work.

    The range of Cloud service options increases every day, providing muliple solutions of any one requirement. Today, companies can assemble tools to tailor fit their requirements. Open programming interfaces allow shared data exchange
    and utilization.

    We put all our Cloud services-based experience at out customers' disposal to help them select the appropriate Cloud services or infrastructure in a vendor-independent fashion.